"I met Raewyn after taking in a dog from the Rotorua Pound in September of 2011. Lucy was a 7 month old Kelpie cross and I had no idea how to handle her. She had more energy than I knew what to do with. I was a cat person til then so I didn't have much experience with dogs. The one thing I didn't want to do was give her back to the pound to be rehomed again because I didn't know what to do. I contacted Raewyn for help and that was the best decision I ever made. Raewyn has been so suportive and has helped me in training Lucy. Raewyn does some individual training with her as well as class training where I attend when I can. I have noticed such a change with Lucy In the few months that she has been helping. Lucy loves going with Raewyn and sometimes I think she prefers being with her (that should tell you something!!)."

Sandy and Lucy

I am attending Raewyn’s Farm Animal  program with my Agility Trained Border Collie.  It is just to give Tui a new experience.  We are both loving it.

Judy and Border Collie Tui.

I have always enjoyed animal training and often ask other Dog Trainers if I can watch their training sessions.  I  have always been turned down.   Raewyn lets me come on assignments which  I find  teaches me to be strong and positive  with my own dogs.

Chris and Bootz, Boston and Tiger Lily.

I got Tippy from the Pound, she gets over the top around other dogs and doesn’t know who or what she is biting out of sheer  fear.    I was being bitten very seriously before I started training.   I have now been training for 12 months with Raewyn , Tippy and I are much calmer, I know a lot more about  Tippy and  I know how to stop her getting overloaded with emotional  information she can’t deal with.  Tippy can now work on the Agility Equipment off lead  within 6 meters of other dogs.   This is major progress.

Melanie and Tippy.

My daughter Rentia was born vision impaired.  Our family pet dog is an Australian Terrier called Starsky who is just tiny.  Raewyn has developed a program for Rentia and Starsky where they can work together without my physical guidance.   Rentia and Star are making progress as a team . It is just lovely to watch.

Chris, Rentia and Starsky.

My pet Spaniel/Labrador cross loves going to classes.  She is learning Flyball with Raewyn and I hope one day both of us will compete in Flygility.    Keile is prone to being an eater of anything she can find.   Raewyn keeps me aware of Keile’s waistline  and the exercise keeps her fit.   As she spends a lot of time alone when I am working I appreciate Raewyn picking Keile up and taking her to class through the week,  I get along on Saturday to do my training with her.

Helene and Keile.

I have a four year old pet cross bred dog who loves to jump.  I started in a program to introduce Astro and I to Agility.    Eighteen months on we are capable of competing in easy competitions and have joined a  dog sports club to do both Agility and Flygility.  Raewyn is currently helping me with my weaving.    Astro is very keen and I am getting fitter trying to keep up with him.

Dave and Astro.


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