Our Services

In Home Training:

Consultancy on:

fencing for dogs, housing, diet, exercise options, basic leash and walk training, play training. 

Interaction training:

bonding exercises for dog and handler, introducing dog to family members(children and elderly), introducing dog to family pets, rabbits, cats, etc; and introducing dog to farm animals and birds.

Stock training for rural and city dogs.

Puppy training from 7 weeks to 16weeks – teaching home rules and Play to learn.

Class Training

Beginners control

Suits all dogs with no previous training.  Suitable for:

  • Child handlers from 7yrs with adult co-handling
  • Child handlers without dogs, we can supply suitable dogs to build confidence within the child or as a pre-ownership exercise.
  • Young adults wishing to learn agility or other dog sports.  This Class gives them off lead control necessary to moving on to learning equipment work.
  • Adults of all ages with dogs who need;
  • (a)    basic commands
  • (b)   reliable recall
  • (c)    bonding between handler and dog.


  • Mediation to mitigate dog issues within neighbourhoods.
  • Help when dealing with Authorities where dog and/or handler have broken the rules.
  • Pick up and/or delivery to/from Vet or Boarding Kennels.
  • Assistance to choose the right Dog from Rescue Agencies or from a Breeder.
  • Pick up and take dog for free run exercise (minimum time 3 hours). OR
  • Handler/Owner may bring dog for free run exercise followed by training.
  • Teaching the dog to focus with ‘Play to Learn’ exercises
  • Quality of life training for dogs and handlers of all ages, fitness and/or disability levels.


I have developed a program for dogs to meet and greet other animals and birds.   A lot of dog owners have problems with their pet dog’s aggression towards other dogs, farm stock and wild birds.

Most aggression starts with play in puppies and builds to a fear of strange things leading to a chasing and barking set behaviour. This then moves to an attack and kill action.

Living as we do in cities and suburbs this behaviour is a nuisance and sometimes means we cannot keep the dog anymore as it is a real liability and we no longer have any trust in the dog.

All dogs need to learn to be calm around birds and animals, even those who will eventually end up working as retrievers, bailers, or sheep and cattle herders, or perhaps I should have said especially those who will be working dogs.

I like to know when I go to a wilderness beach that I have a set of procedures that will mean my dogs will not be interested in nesting dotterel or basking seals.

When I walk through a flock of sheep or a herd of cows I don’t want my dog even looking at them.   Yes the tools of this training can include muzzles  and leashes.  But it still relies on a training program that reinforces trust in the handler, ability to wear the gear with calmness and in a relaxed orderly fashion.

Some people think chase and kill drive is natural, mostly it’s not, it’s just manic overreaction to stimulus.  I quote the border collie who spends its whole day chasing sparrows off the back lawn – incessantly barking and ploughing up the grass.

Dogs love working in the farm program.  I do not set out to make them into stock dogs, although some individuals show huge potential and I would encourage them to go further and join a group for specific sheep work as a sport.   The same for the retrievers and spaniels, there are Gun Dog clubs right around the country where they can be encouraged to learn the sport of pointing, setting, flushing and retrieving.  My job is to teach the dog and its handler some basic commands and to get the best out of each other without any voices being raised or any silly rushing around being done..


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