Welcome to Good Dog Training

In Aotearoa New Zealand the language of the original people is known as Te Reo Maori.  Nga Kuri(Dogs) were and are an important part of maori life.  In pre-european times this land was without native land mammals(with the exception of a small bat).  The introduced dog provided hair, skin, meat and companionship.  They were a Taonga – a treasure.

WHO is Good Dog Training?
Raewyn Saville, Dog Trainer, Good Dog Training, Te Kuri Pai. For all dogs all shapes all sizes all breeds, for all people, children, older owners, disabled owners.
WHAT is Good Dog Training?:
Puppy Training,  Good Dog Training, Leash Work, Socialisation with Farm Animals, introduction to Agility, and Flygility.
WHERE is Good Dog Training?
New Zealand, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Hamurana.  At your place. At my place. At Dog Sports Rotorua.
WHY use Good Dog Training?
 To speed up your dog's ability to fit into your lifestyle.  To give your dog quality time in your busy week. For fitness for handler and dog.  To learn new skills to enable dogs and handlers to go on and learn Agility and  Flygility.
WHEN is Good Dog Training?
During the day, in the evenings, on Saturdays.


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