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Monday, February 3 2014

CLUB CORNER - Upcoming Events & Results for February


Thursday 13th 5.30 NALA Flygility at Fly Club night.

Wednesday 19th 5.30 NALA Agility at Agility Course Work night

Saturday 22nd Dog Sports Agility Competition for all (Dogility) 1.30 start please bring a friend, this is a club fundraiser so it is important that we all attend and compete. $4 entry, Ribbons in each class.

Friday 28th 6.30 at McDonalds in the middle of town meeting room.. Two monthly get together of Club members to discuss direction, fund raising etc. Casual, not minutes taken, all welcome. One hour.


Only one Agility Show.

Rotorua Jumpers Champs:

Christine Hutchings and Boston 10th place Jumpers C. There were 100 dogs in this class so this result is excellent congratulations Chris and Boston.

NALA Results for January

Nala Flygility Nala Flygility Challenge

Fastest Dog Chan - Raewyn Saville 10.18 Chan - Raewyn Saville 16.60 Boston - Christine Hutchings 10.23 Boo -Raewyn Saville 30.57 Jess - Hilary Quemby 11.30 Jess - Hilary Quemby 69.97 Astro - Dave Prendergast 12.50 Bootz - Christine Hutchings 13.15 Boo - Raewyn Saville 14.03

Nala Agility

Chan - Raewyn Saville 39.12 Boston - Christine Hutchings 42.32 Boo - Raewyn Saville 72.75

Sunday, December 29 2013

CLUB CORNER - Flygility Tournament 22.12.13

Please click on link below for photo's from Rotorua Dog Sports Flygility Tournament 22.12.13



Wednesday, October 2 2013

CLUB CORNER - Upcoming Events & Results October 2013


13th October NALA day at the Club starting set up at 8.30am for Agility, Veterans and Flygility (Flygility is weather permitted being transferred to a Thursday night to be advised). All Club members are welcome to run these courses and be part of NALA.

19th October Dogility Competition (was Cancelled due to weather in September). That course was a Starters Course and is still waiting to be run. Please support your Club, this is a Club fundraiser you need to be there to buy a sausage and try the course. Entry $4, bring your friends with dogs as well.



Chan 27.60 (Raewyn) 
Boston 28.19 (Chris) 
Boo 35.80 (Raewyn)
Jess 37 (Hilary)
Jay D (Hilary)


Bridie 21.03 (Carolyn)
Midge 27.68 (Raewyn)

Flygility Standard:

Chan 11.32 (Raewyn)
Boston 12.50 (Chris)
Bootz 15.00 (Chris)
Jess 15.00 (Hilary)
Jay 15.52 includes one fault of 5 (Hilary)
Bridie 15.96 (Carolyn)
Boo 16.56 (Raewyn)
Astro 18.75 includes one fault of 5(Dave)

Central Hawkes Bay Agility Ribbon Trial:

Our sole competitor Anabella Vidal with Cairo
Day 1 Elementary B 2nd place Ribbon
Day 2 Elementary B 1ST PLACE Ribbon
(go Anabella and Cairo)

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