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Sunday, February 3 2013

Fae the Fat Fairy and Miska look for the second good deed episode 13

After all their hard work on Puddlduck Farm, Fae and Miska are off to the lake with all the other dogs and Sam Donkey and Fae's person and Rose, Miska's new friend.

It is just down the road from Puddlduck Farm to the Crystal Clean Lake which has a lovely dog swimming area, where people can have their picnic and swim with their dogs, and mostly the dogs and children play on the beach and mostly the people pick up all their litter when they leave the beach, especially the doggy doo - well mostly is probably as good as it gets.

Anyway off they all went. Sam Donkey had his panniers on which were baskets on each side with the picnic things in them, Fae's person had a backpack with a rug and towels and of course tennis balls for the dogs. All the dogs were on leash, not because they were naughty but because they are supposed to be on leash in a public place like the roadway until they get to the beach. The dogs all love being on leash because it is exciting and it means they are going places.

As soon as they got to the beach and all the leashes came off, they ran straight down to the Crystal Clean Lake and dived in. Chan was the slowest and he always waited till someone threw a ball so that he had a reason to jump in and show off his swimming talents. It took Chan the Sharpei x two years to learn to swim, but now he really loved it. Becki-boo loved the lake but she didn't like anyone jumping on her in the water as she nearly drowned once when that happened, so she chose an area on the beach a bit away from everyone else. Fae just liked to swim and swim and Miska did too. Midge the Pigdog was 14 years old and she just paddled, as you do when you get old. The people in the group waded out up to their thighs and threw balls for Chan, Boo and Fae and everyone splashed around for ages, it was so cooling on this hot hot summer's day.

The people got out of the water and went up to set out the picnic rug and the picnic lunch. The dogs ran non-stop up and down the beach barking and digging in the sand , even Midge got excited and barked and wanted to play, such a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Sam Donkey just roamed freely around eating the grass and a little bit of willow, he didn't need to go far as there was more than enough nice green grass to satisfy his tummy. He didn't need a picnic lunch, life was full of picnic lunches for Sam.

'Okay you Dogs' called Fae's person ' come and get lunch'. All the dogs came running up from the lake and they were still all wet and sandy and they jumped on the picnic rug and shook their bodies and a spray of wet coat water covered everything. 'Just as well I hadn't poured a cup of tea yet' said Rose, 'it would have been a cup of dog by now'. Everyone laughed . The dogs all sat in a line and Fae's person gave them all a big three corner biscuit. 'Whew' said Fae 'I don't know if I can manage this size bikki'. 'Are you sick or somethin?' asked Chan.

They all lay on the picnic rug and munched their biscuits, and the people munched their sandwiches, which Becki-Boo thought smelled nicer than the dog biscuit and came to see if there was even a little morsel for her. 'No' said Fae's person 'no people food for you today missy, you don't even normally get lunch, this is a very special thing today'. 'Worth a try' thought Becki-boo and went back to lick up the last crumbs of her dog biscuit.

After the food and a nice hot drink for the people, everyone lay back on the rug with just a little bit of shade from the willow and a little bit of sun to keep warm and closed their eyes for a nap..

Suddenly Miska went off, really nutting off, and everyone jumped to their feet and the people sat up on the rug and there trying to find the last crumbs of the dog's lunches was a tiny white fluffy dog. Miska was growling and then she saw the wee dog cowering below her enormous mouth and she bent down to reassure the little chap that she had just got a fright and he was fine. Right then as quick as could be a big fat hand reached down and plucked up the little dog. Miska jumped up and growled at the fat hand's owner and was going to grab the hand and make it let go of the little white fluffy dog. Rose yelled. 'No Miska' and Miska swung round to see what Rose wanted and Rose stepped forward and held Miska's collar and the fat hand owner stepped back off the rug clutching the tiny white fluffy dog to its chest.

'How dare you bring a dog to this beach that is so vicious and nasty' the fat hand owner said. 'I thought this was a safe beach for my pet and now I find all these horrible dogs here, ' Other people with fat hand owner, said 'Come on Jen, leave it alone', 'Yeah alls well and all that,' 'Come on we will just move down the beach a bit'.

'I am going to call the Animal Control People, as soon as I get home today' fat hand owner said and then put her head in the air and clutching the poor little white fluffy dog to her chest, followed her people off down the beach.

'Oh Miska' said Rose 'Whatever got into you, why did you do what you did'? 'Now hang on a minute' said Fae's person, 'Which dog was the aggressor, did Miska run away after the little white fluffy dog, whose picnic rug was it anyway?,'. 'Oh I see what you mean' said Rose ' Here we all were stretched out on the rug, napping away and another dog ran right into other dogs' territory, mmm I get that, but why did Miska jump up and she was going to grab that woman's hand'. 'Because' said Fae's person , Miska was in the middle of apologising to the little white fluffy dog and deciding she liked it and 'the hand' snatched the dog away, Miska could have thought the little thing was in danger, and I don't think it looked madly happy up there in the clutches of that woman anyway.' But' said Rose 'If Miska had bitten the hand she would have been in trouble'. 'Oh yes' said Fae's person 'She would have been in deep trouble, it is just that sometimes, dogs read activites differently to human beings and respond differently too'.

Everyone was looking a bit lost and bothered now and the fun of the day seemed to have gone. The other group with the little white fluffy dog had set up their picnic quite a long way away and they had blown up an inflatable boat which everyone was jumping on and falling off and they seemed to be having fun. 'Come on dogs' said Fae 'We are going to have another swim'. 'Make it snappy' said Fae's person ' we will be going home soon'.

Becki-boo decided the sun on the rug was nice, so she would stay there and snooze. Midge had not woken up during the whole shenanigan, deaf you know. So it was Fae, Miska and Chan who headed down to the sand again. Chan likes to go fishing. He stands in the water and waits for the cockerbullies to come by, then he sticks his head under the water and tries to catch the fish with his front feet. He can happily spend hours in this occupation. Blowing bubbles out his nose until he runs out of air and then he lifts his head, moves forward a bit and does it all again. Fae and Miska were swimming together quite a way from the beach and just having a nice quiet time in the water. 'Hey' said Miska 'Isn't that the little white fluffy dog out there'. 'Where' said Fae, who was a lot smaller so her head was closer to the water and it was hard to see far ahead. 'Over there' said Miska, 'It is in a funny yellow thing but I am sure I can smell her and yes I can hear her she is calling help help.'

By now back on the beach the people having the picnic had realised that the yellow inflatable boat had drifted off with the little white fluffy dog on board and it was a long was out. Much further than anyone would be able to swim. They were yelling and the fat hand owner seemed to be screaming. Miska said 'I am going out to the little white fluffy dog Fae' 'Okay' said Fae ' I will try to come too but I am getting tired already'.

So Fae and Miska headed off as fast as they could swim towards the yellow thing with the little white fluffy dog in it. Back on the beach the fat hand owner had come back to where the Puddlduck picnic rug was. ' Your dogs are going out to kill my precious baby' said fat hand owner to Rose and Fae's person. 'Rubbish' said Fae's person ' they are probably your only hope of getting the dog back here'. 'OMG OMG' fat hand owner kept saying. Rose and Fae's person and Becki-boo and Chan were all right on the edge of the water watching Fae and Miska swim way out in the lake. Midge still hadn't woken up.

Finally after what seemed just ages the two dogs reached the inflatable boat. Fae said 'Hey Miska I am really tired, I am going to climb on your back and get into the thing with the little white fluffy dog'. 'Okay' said Miska. So Fae climbed on Miska's back and fell all wet and soggy onto the little white fluffy dog in the boat. 'Its okay' said Fae with a big grin. Little white fluffy dog wagged her tail and then licked Fae's wet face. Miska had been swimming around and around the yellow boat. 'Hey Fae' said Miska 'I dunno how to move this back to the picnic rug'. 'Look' said Fae 'there is a rope here on the front'. Fae pulled the rope over into the water. 'Pick up the rope Miska' 'What for' said Miska 'Just like the donkey rope you did this morning Miska, just pick up the rope'. Miska was a bit puzzled but she remembered that she had picked up the rope and pulled and the donkey had moved forward, so she did it. She took the rope in her mouth. 'Atta girl Miska' called Fae 'Swim to Rose, Miska, swim really fast'. So Miska turned toward the shore and she saw Rose waving her hand and she could hear Rose saying 'Good girl Miska'. Wow she was a good girl again. Miska was really swimming fast. Fae was standing with her front feet on the bow of the boat and the wind was blowing her ears, it was so exciting and such fun. Fae was barking and barking, and the little white fluffy dog was standing up too and she was barking and smiling and starting to enjoy her adventure.

Of course, everyone was very happy that the dogs were safe back on the beach and the fat hand owner thanked Miska very much and told her what a brave strong girl she was. Fat hand owner was about to scoop up the little white fluffy dog again when Fae's person said 'Would you mind just leaving the dog on the ground at the moment please'. Fat hand owner looked bewildered but obeyed. Little white fluffy dog ran up to Miska and kissed her all over the face. Miska looked all dopey and stupid and lay down so that the little dog and she could have a talk, and they did and then the little white fluffy dog ran over to her fat hand owner and yapped and wagged and ran off down the beach with Miska after her and Fae joining in, and then they all turned around and ran back the other way and stopped and talked and then it was over.

'Well alls well that ends as this has' said Fae's person. 'Wake up Midge you old idiot let's all go back to Puddlduck Farm, I don't think I can handle any more excitement today'. 'Me neither' said Rose 'I feel completely exhausted'. So they loaded up Sam's Panniers and shook out the picnic rug and put the dogs back on leash and wandered quietly up the hill to home.

'You know Miska' said Fae's person 'You have done two good deeds today'. 'Did ya hear that Miska' said Fae 'You have done your two Good Deeds so the Fairy God Dog will cancel all your bad memories now and the rest of your life will never be sad again, Yippee yappee we did it'.

 Miska looked a bit odd but had a smile on her face and felt different.  People loved her and trusted her again,  Maybe there was something in this Fairy God Dog Stuff afterall mmmmm.

Monday, January 28 2013

Fae the Fat Fairy and Miska look for good deeds episode 12

Fae and Miska have discovered from the Fairy God Dog that if Miska does two good things then she will forget her past and can move on with her life with her new friend Rose. Miska's past is so bad she cannot talk about it, so nobody knows how badly she has been treated or how neglected she has been. We all think we know that she had one really good owner who died and that she has at some time had a small companion dog as a friend. After that she won't tell.

Fae knew she would have to get the help of her person for this to work. Of course she couldn't tell her person exactly what she was up to because she wasn't allowed to talk about the Fairy God Dog to 'people' only to other dogs.

So the next day after the training day at the dog park where she introduced Miska to the Fairy God Dog, Fae asked her person. 'Umm can I have Miska come and play at our house'. 'Sure' said Fae's person. 'How about tomorrow, because it is a long weekend and the weather looks good'. 'Yipee' said Fae and raced off to the computer to email Rose and Miska.

Rose replied that she would like to come out to the farm with Miska and have a doggy play day, and she could work on Fae's person's computer and sort her out - again and maybe get the Good Dog Training newsletter organised.

So next day Rose and Miska arrived at Puddlduck Farm and the people immediately decided on a cup of coffee and a natter, so Miska and Fae wandered off to see what they could get up to.

Fae had sort of decided that the best way to get Miska the German Shepherd Dog, to do good things was to teach her farm work, like she did. Now Fae had been helping other dogs with her person, to learn how to be around farm animals, all her short 14 month life and she reckoned she could teach Miska how to be useful on the farm.

'Come with me' said Fae to Miska, so Miska followed. They went into the Donkey paddock. There was Sam Donkey eating his hay and just watching the dogs out of the corner of his eye.

'What is that?' asked Miska looking a bit worried about the big brown donkey busy munching his hay. 'This is Sam the Donkey' said Fae ' he is the best first farm animal for you to meet'.

'Looks dangerous to me', said Miska 'I am outa here'. 'No wait' said Fae 'I'll show you'. So Fae walked up to Sam's house and went in and got a lead rope then she jumped up on the top of the gate and put the lead rope through Sam's halter. Then she jumped down and took the end of the lead rope in her mouth and walked along and Sam followed her. 'Sam' she said 'Meet Miska the German Shepherd Dog'. 'Eeyyyore helloooo' said Sam. Miska ran to the gate of the paddock and tried to get out, she had never heard such a horrible noise in her life, she was shaking like a leaf. 'Steady' said Fae 'look it is okay see, he doesn't do anything, he quite likes dogs - don't you Sam?' Sam nodded quietly so he wouldn't frighten Miska again. 'Come on Miska come over here to where me and Sam are'. Miska very quietly with her ears back and trying hard not to look at Sam - eased herself a bit closer, then a bit closer again. 'Come on Miska' said Fae 'He really will not hurt you - Sam is one of my best friends, him and me and Paddy the Cat spend a lot of time just mucking around together'. Miska was still pretty fearful and hearing the word cat didn't improve matters, she had never liked Cats much scary, spitting, clawing things. 'That's better' said Fae 'Now my person really likes it when I lead him along for her'. 'No' said Miska 'I can't do it'. 'Yes you can' said Fae and she dropped the lead rope in front of Miska. 'Now pick it up' said Fae 'No can't' said Miska. 'That is stupid' said Fae ' If I can do it and I am really little then you can do it Miska'. 'Why am I doing this' asked Miska 'Because you have to do some good deeds,remember?' said Fae.

'I don't like this game', said Miska 'Can we play something else'. 'No my person sayes no other Farm Games can be played if you don't get to know the Donkey first'. said Fae. Reluctantly Miska picked up the lead rope and moved forward and Sam started to move. Miska dropped the rope and ran to the gate again. 'Actually' said Fae. ' I am really pleased with that on your first lesson, that was very brave'. Fae had heard her person tell other dogs that when they came for their first lesson and the dogs always looked quite pleased. It worked well. 'Okay' said Miska 'what's next'?

'Come and meet the Goats' said Fae. 'Hello team' yelled Fae from the gate into the goats paddock. 'Blaaa' said Jojo the Mother Goat. 'These goats have horns' said Miska 'Do they' said Fae. 'Listen pup if those guys get those horns going we will be mincemeat'. 'Nah' said Fae, 'I play with them all the time'. 'I don't understand how going into a paddock with six goats, all with horns, is going to help me get rid of my past' said Miska. 'This is stupid'. 'What I do' said Fae 'Is I go with them down the farm and watch them and play with the twins Dingle and Dewdrop, and make sure they stay on the farm and don't go through the fence to the neighbours. Then when it is time for the goats to come up for milking I bring them up to the shed and my person is very pleased with me. She is sooo pleased she gives me a little drink of goats milk and one for Paddy the cat as well.' 'Yuk' said Miska 'I don't want to do this game either'.

'Oh look over there', said Fae ' One of the Muscovy Ducks is bringing home a whole troop of new babies, now we really can be useful'. Miska looked bewildered again and rolled her eyes to the sky, she had no idea what harebrained scheme her friend Fae would dream up next. 'See that pen over there with the door open' said Fae 'Well we have to carefully round up the mother and babies and herd them into that pen'. 'What for'?? asked Miska. 'Because' said Fae 'That pen is rat proof and hawk proof and the babies live in there until they are big enough to come out'. Well at least Miska could understand that reasoning, Hawks and Rats were horrible things and she shuddered.

So the two dogs went way round the back of the Mother and ducklings. Mother duck looked suspiciously at them and squirted a fowl poo in their direction. 'Oh poo, poo' said Miska 'That smells awful oh yuk again'. 'What smell' said Fae 'Oh that poo tastes delicious, but we will have to go back to it cause we have to keep going with this brood.'

About this time Rose and Fae's person looked out the window from the house and saw the dogs stalking the Mother duck and ducklings - all 10 of them. 'Goodness' said Rose 'Miska will probably kill them'. 'I don't think so' said Fae's person. 'Lets just sit here quietly and watch'.

So they watched as the dogs - Miska copying Fae - inched the Mother duck and ducklings closer to the pen. Bit by bit they got to the pen door and then on the first try the ducklings all filed in through the door . 'Quick Miska' said Fae ' Move forward and force the Mother in behind them and I will shut the door'. So Miska jumped forward, and Fae grabbed the door. The Mother duck got such a fright she went in through the door with Miska's nose right up her bottom, but Fae was a little slow with the door and the Mother duck, quick as lightening turned around and reached her head out the slightly open door and pecked Miska's nose so hard it started to bleed straight away. 'Ooo ouch snuffle snuffle sneeze sneeze ooo ouch again' said Miska. 'Hooray' said Fae ' We did it'. Just then Fae's person and Rose came to the gate from the house to the farm. 'Well aren't you both clever girls' said Fae's person. 'That was a very good deed'. 'Did you hear that Miska' said Fae 'You have done a good deed, that is one of the good deeds you needed to do, Wow, whoopee'. Poor old Miska had her head down with the blood still dripping off the end of her lovely black nose.

'Looks like the duck got Miska on the nose' said Rose. 'Oh dear a bit of first aid needed here' said Fae's person. So the hose got turned on gently and Miska's nose got washed and then sprayed with Vetadine Iodine. Miska's eyes watered a bit when the iodine stung her pecked nose but then it was fine.

Rose looked proudly at Miska 'You have a good head for farm work by the look of it Miska, I am so proud of you'. Miska went all coy and happy, it was such a long time since she had been useful and told how good she was and a big smile broke out on her face. 'Miska's smiling,' said Fae's person ' what a change from that stressed face we usually see. Good work Fae'. Fae wagged her whole fat little body and smiled as well.

'Guess what we are going to do now' said Fae's person 'we are going to take a picnic lunch down to the lake and play in the water as it is such a hot afternoon.'

'Oh boy, cool, great, yes, bark bark yap yap' went all the dogs and Chan rushed off and got his favourite ball to take to the lake.