Working with the donkey!

You may notice in the photograph that Koda the full coated Border Collie (Belonging to Tina) is a part of the walking pack.

This is my Donkey Sam forcing the dogs to be a pack and keeping everyone on the straight and narrow even with Recco (Tina's son) riding him, he is still in control. Nineteen plus years ago I got baby donkey Sam. He will be 20 in December. It took me three years to get him anywhere near trained and to stop him being naughty. I also had to teach him to accept loads on his back(he can carry 70kgs safely) and to pull carts and logs of wood and other useful things he can do on the farm, plus pull his cart with a couple of people riding in it (he can pull about 350kgs). Believe me it makes training dogs very easy.

As he became more compliant there were some things I noticed about his behavior with dogs. He wanted to dominate them. He wanted to discipline them with his feet, but he didn't want to really hurt them. He had a heap of opportunity to do damage but he never did. He has helped me to train seven of my own dogs to walk on lead properly, he has trained their behavior around him and other stock and he has taught the dogs that they need to understand someone else is the boss.

The dogs Sam and I like to help other dogs who live alone with their handlers and no other dogs as companions. These are dogs that need to learn their place in a pack. Dogs who chase cars cycles and other moving things are so sucked up to keeping their place in the pack and watching the other dogs, donkey, where their handler is etc, that they barely have time to worry about the traffic they are walking alongside on the adjacent road.

Chasing cars is a habit which is natural to Collies and Koda is no exception. Once a dog has chased two cars you have a habit. From here on we will be doing specific work around the road and Cars with Koda tied to the Donkey one on one. He should break the car habit fairly soon. It took two introductions and one on leash walk with his handler (Tina) walking alongside Sam to get him capable of being tied to the pack.

Even in the rain it is a lovely way to do a four k walk. We do it every morning. Sam is part of the cure for dogs who chase stock. If this is something you would like to do contact me for a time to start your training.