Well what a busy fortnight I have had. My person is now my boss and I listen to her a lot better than I used to. She has taken me out of the Agility sequence class and put me in the Agility Equipment class which is much more fun for me.

When I started at Dog Sports Rotorua I was in Puppy class and learnt tunnel and how to run around with other dogs and how to follow the boss and how to sit and how to stay and how to come. But most I learned more about tugging.

Then I went to Control Class for six months and I learnt even more about walking alongside the boss and sitting when told it was called heelwork and I learnt to sit with all the other dogs for one whole minute and not move. I learnt a downstay for a whole minute as well. I learnt to wait until I was called and sit in front of the boss and I learnt to send away and come back and to do a toy retrieve and it was a blast. All the dogs in my class were awesome and they all kept coming so that they could learn more about Agility equipment. The boss sayes that the Agility equipment teaches the handlers to bond with their dog really well. They learn to communicate. Whatever, I really like communicating. It was about this time when I noticed that there were a few bunnies jumping about and they always seemed to be jumping about when I was running through the flat hurdles, so I could do the hurdles and then run after the bunnies. The boss told me this was not what she wanted and I kinda knew that. I am allowed to chase bunnies and rats at home, but not when I am learning the work with the boss. I just couldn't stop doing the bunny run even if I played tug and really loved it, as soon as I started running through the Agility Equipment the old bunny pull just kept happening.

By now I had started going to Flyball Thursdays as well and I just love touching the box and catching the tennis ball and bringing it back to the boss so we can play tug, I can do this when the bunny is around pretty well as the ball and the tug are just such high value things to me. This week I ran 25 meters on my own to the flybox, hit it, grabbed the ball and ran really fast back to the boss to play tug, even though the bunny was hopping around just outside the fence right by me. My poor old mate Astro just couldn't keep his eyes off the bunny and his boss Dave was really annoyed with him. Gee I just know how he feels.

So this week for the first time instead of doing the Agility Sequence Class I did Agility Equipment class and we learnt Crossover which is a contact piece of equipment with four down ramps. It was so much fun and I can stand two feet on two feet off for ages now and the boss was so proud of me. So now I know how to do all the contacts properly, no sloppy work. The A frame, the dogwalk, the crossover and the low seesaw. I am a good fast tunneller and I love the hoop and the longjump, so it is really just the hurdles I have to get a handle on. They are more like hard work than all the other stuff but my boss says I will get it eventually if it takes two years. I am only 15months old and I am learning fast.

I still love my Obedience Class, I am in beginners and I really love it, I look at the boss all the time to see what will happen next and the food treats are really nice. This is the only time I get food treats now so I want to make the best of it.

I am still a bit fat though and the boss has told me to stop eating the chook food, but it is hard, I see those horrible rats eating the chook food and I kill them and then I can eat the food with the chooks, they are such good dining companions. The ducks are a bill silly and squabble but the chooks are neat.

The boss says I am probably trying to learn too much at once, but I love being busy. Tonight just on dusk me and Paddy the Cat had a real big flat out run around on the farm, in and out of the birds, through between the goats legs, we were going for it, rest time now. I will keep letting you know how my Agility and Obedience are going, I hope I have some more adventures soon as well, but right now I just don't seem to have time for Adventures.

from Fae the Fat Fairy