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Sunday, March 24 2013

Fae the Fat Fairy learns Agility Episode 17

Well you know I am still plodding along learning Agility but I had a whole four days without the Boss. Me and Julie and Midge got left at home while the Boss took Boo and Chan to Hawera for the Taranaki Masters Games. They came home with a gold and a silver. Chris and Boston and Bootz went too and Bootz won Bronze. One day I gotta do this stuff so I don't get left behind any more.

Don't get me wrong I love my pal Julie and she loves me and we lie on the bed and watch TV and work along together looking after the ducks and chooks. There is no rush with Julie and I like that. I never run away when I am left with Julie as I have to keep an eye on her in case she needs me.

Anyway when the Boss got home she was straight back into training dogs again, me included. She tells me my weaves are improving. They are in a straight line now but bent out and on Saturday at the Club I did them the same width I do them at home and the Boss was really pleased with that. I am pleased she throws my ball and I can dash off through the sticks and pick it up and run back flat out and play with my tug toy which is my squeaky football from Uncle Bruce the Bassett Hound man. It's my favourite.

Today we did NALA and now that I am 16 months I was allowed to do the Veterens course which was done by my sister Midge in under 29 seconds. I don't know what my time was but I did all the stuff and there were 13 bits of it and it was fun. At the end I got to play with my ball and tug toy again so that was great. I got to run the Flygility course as well. It had the A frame with hoops in it this week and I learnt that at last week's Flygility class so that was easy. The Boss ran it with me to make sure I did all the things. I missed one hurdle, deliberately as I was going toooo fast to do it. I think so anyway. He he he. The Boss laughed as well. She said I made a good effort and we played ball and tug at the end again. I was pretty exhausted having two days of Agility stuff in a row. Chan, Boo and Midge were tired as well so that's okay.

Right now I have to stop this blog because I can hear a Rat in the Kiwifruit. I need to go out and bark at it and make it frightened so that it falls out of the Kiwifruit and I can kill it. I got one last week this way. Look out Rat here I come. yapayap yap a yap wowowowo yap yap

A whole week has gone by now and we did Agility things nearly every day. Monday is my favourite. On Monday I go to a class run by the Boss called Play to Learn - nothing serious. There are now fourteen dogs in that class and last Monday we did contacts, so that meant we had all the contacts out of the shed. The A Frame, the dog walk, the cross over and the seesaw. We did them all on really low so that nobody could fall off and hurt themselves. We all learnt all the contacts in groups of four and then we had a competition at the end to see who was the best. Both the Cocker Spaniels were the best. I probably was the best best, but I am not allowed to compete with the other dogs because the Boss sayes I have an unfair adsomething. The German Shepherds are amazing as they are so big and the planks of the contact equipment are so narrow. I love Shepherds, I was born where there were beautiful Belgian 'Malenois' Shepherds . My best friend is Miska, she is a German Shepherd. They are different but sort of the same. I love their BIG.

Next week we are doing stick games at Monday night class. This is preparation for weaves and is real fun. I am looking forward to it. We always start Monday night with 'Control' so all the dogs get to know each other and settle down and work without running off and doing other doggy things. We do heel work and stays and recall in that class as well. It takes about an hour and a half to get through the workload with 14 dogs. The winning dog gets a green ribbon. GREEN IS GOOD. The boss told me to put that in. Tuesday night I do beginners Obedience. I really like Obedience, I don't have to run around so much and there is lots of staying and downs and things and I like that, I can just sort of doze through it. Also my friend Coco comes to that class and she is a real dag. Coco pretends she doesn't like the other dogs in the class, she barks and hackles up at them all, but it is just her way of having fun really. She is a German Spitz and she is very precise about where other dogs should be. 'Don't you come too close to me, you get back get back go on go away' she yaps and then she gets tired of it and when she does her heel work she doesn't yap at all. Her heel work is just so beautiful. She trit trots along. She is very pretty and thin, a kind of micro model dog really. She does make me feel fat, but she likes me, I don't think she feels threatened in any way by me and it does remind me I should resist eating all that chicken food that is out in the paddock so I too can be thin like Coco. I can but try. All the dogs in Monday night are new dogs to the Club and some are even younger than me. Tuesday night Obedience is dogs who have been coming for quite a while. When we get the lights up and going we will do more Obedience later in the evening which will give people time to go home from work and get to class. Then we will have more new people coming in.

The Boss is working on an Agility Ribbon Show for new entrant dogs. Sort of like Kennel Club Ribbon but with a course for people who have never done any training before to come and give it a go. The winners will still get ribbons. There will be two Elementary Courses and two Starters Courses and one Novice Course. It will be in October/November and should be great fun. Maybe by then I will be able to do a whole course as well. I haven't even looked for a bunny on the course for the last three weeks, I get so busy trying to do the hurdles and tunnels and things, I actually forget the Bunnies. Here it is Easter as well. Oh well Happy Easter Bunny everyone and remember that Jesus was no Bunny and it is his special holiday too.

Wednesday, March 6 2013

Fae the Fat Fairy learns Agility Episode 16 - Tyson wins a purple ribbon

Well wouldn't you know it, I wasn't even at Agility Training so I missed my boyfriend Tyson doing the best Agility ever.

Last Saturday the Boss was really pleased with me I did good Agility all day, I worked off lead without running away to look for the B..naughty word, hopping fluffy thing. On Sunday we had a busy day at home. On Monday a new class started at Dog Sports called 'Nothing Serious - Play to Learn'.

We had twelve dogs there. There was Inka a 5 month old Great Dane Puppy, Ice the six month old Bichon, two black spaniels, four german shepherds, me of course , Bear the Beardie, Charlie the pigdog and who else - gosh I have forgotten but anyway there were twelve of us . Oh I know it was Buttons the Golden Retriever. Buttons used to come to training in Ngongotaha a lot when I was little but he got too busy and couldn't come anymore. Monday nights suits his boss to take him to class. I worked quite hard on Monday night especially as my boss was busy and not taking much notice of me.

On Tuesday I had my annual vaccinations (all of us had them Midge, Boo, Chan and me). Chan looked really sick after his vaccinations and I felt a bit funny too. Anyway the boss was so worried about Chan she didn't notice I was a bit off colour. So we went to Obedience class on Tuesday night. I was awesome. I didn't want to run away, I did all the obedience exercises including off lead heel work. My stays were really good. I was quite tired at the end of it but when we got home I got onto a Rat and I really wanted to 'get it'. It is eating the boss's apples and kiwi fruit. So I worked till latish.

This morning we went for our normal walk with the Donkey and by lunchtime I was really droopy. No energy, asleep straight away when I laid down so the boss decided I should stay home at Agility Class time. I thought so too. I seem to have had a bit of an over energetic week to here.

So that is how I came to miss Tyson's big moment. When I first met Tyson, I thought he was a really boring fella. He was handsome but he didn't get excited about much. He couldn't play with us, he just walked around with his ears back and his tail down. He thought he was cool, he said he was cool but I reckon he was just plain scared of everything. Remember about the Dump Adventure, that was all about Tyson. Then he met Katie and he started coming to Agility.

He didn't really like Agility. The rest of us were naughty when we were learning and ran too fast and grabbed the toy or the food all the time and didn't do the work. But Tyson did the work r e a l l y s l o w l y and sometimes he wouldn't do anything at all and he didn't really want the food and he didn't play with his toy or chase a ball or anything. We all felt sorry for him. I asked him why he didn't want to do it. He just looked at me and said 'Nah' and shook his head and walked away. Odd.....

At Agility Class on Wednesday we all work together from Juniors up to Super Seniors. We do weaves practice at all levels and get marked on them. Then we do contact practice and get marked on that. Then we all do three courses. We start with a Juniors course of about 10 pieces and then we do a busy course will lots of things and then we do a Seniors course that us Juniors can still play on if we like. Some of the dogs that go there are competing in Kennel Club Agility Champs and some of them are nearly good enough and doing ribbon shows, some are learning to be good enough for NALA courses and some of us are just beginning. It is a two hour class from 5 till 7 and we usually run over time. Each class Juniors, Intermediate, Seniors and Super Seniors are competing for a ribbon. When they win they go up a class and the biggest loser from that class comes down to the next class down. Whew it seems a bit complicated, but it gives everybody a chance to succeed.

My boss told me about tonight like this. There were 5 dogs in Juniors, usually there is 6 with me. Gem, Wally, Cairo, Bree(my sister)and Tyson.

We have to do weaves first Juniors do six open weaves at the level they are working and the seniors do closed weaves with times. We get a weaves mark. Then we do contacts and we get marked on them. Then we do three different courses. The first course is Juniors but everyone does it. It only has ten pieces and is a warm up for the Intermediate, Seniors and Superseniors dogs.

Anyway tonight Tyson did good weaves and got a full ten points. He did his contacts without jumping off which is great because he really likes jumping off the A frame. Then he did course 1 and was okay. Then course 2 which had twenty pieces and he blitzed it. When he got to the Senior course with 12 proper weaves and everything he was on fire. He had the fastest Junior run on that course. Wow. So he won the purple ribbon . GO TYSON MY HERO.

I think the reason he is getting really good is because Katie searched the pet shops and found a real dinkum possum tail. It is a real Man Toy, like it has been torn off a real possum and Tyson probably thinks he did it and he could because he is so strong. None of those mamby pamby pink fluffy squeaky things for him to play with. He really loves grabbing the possum tail and he gets really excited and if he does good work he gets to play with the tail. So at last he understands what fun it can be to do Agility.

Oh and by the way the other two ribbons awarded tonight went to Tui in Super Seniors and Nala in Intermediate. I wish I had been there now. See you Saturday Ty keep up the good work.

Fae the Fat Fairy. mwah xxxx

Friday, March 1 2013

Fae the Fat Fairy learns Agility Episode 15

Tomorrow is Saturday and I have been practicing my weaves all week and tomorrow I will have to do them at the new Club grounds at Paradise Valley in Rotorua.

Every night my boss and I go out onto the lawn in front of our house and she throws the ball through the weave poles and I run and get it and sometimes she asks me to bring the ball back through the weave poles and sometimes she runs with me and sometimes she is on the other side and far away and sometimes she makes me sit and wait and then she calls me through and when we have done all that we play hard tug. It is great. I am having a bit of trouble doing more than three things in a row but the boss says all dogs go through this stage. Whew thats a relief. I like tunnels but I don't like having to do three hurdles in a row. I can do a hurdle and a tunnel and a hurdle and a tunnel and turn and come back but just three hurdles and I have to miss one of them, even if my ball or tug is at the other end. I am really good at contacts and I especially like the crossover. The boss says it will be a while before I get crossover in competition as I will be in elementary a long time. I am only 15 months yet and can't start to compete for another three months anyway.

Last Wednesday was Agility course work and my sister Bree was there. She is better than me, especially if her boss Amy takes her toy out on the course to Play. But my sister Nala the Pappillon is much better than all us small dogs except Bootz and she does courses properly and really fast. I got really fast on Wednesday when I thought I saw something to chase far away and took off. The boss didn't have a proper hold on me. When I got a long way away I turned around and I couldn't see the boss or the truck, that was a bit scary, and then the boss called me and waved her hand in the air and I could see where she was and I ran back as fast as I could. The boss was really pleased with me. She says it is one thing to run away but it is the coming back that counts. I love it when the boss is pleased with me I go all waggy and silly it is such a nice feeling inside.

Tyson, my boyfriend, ran well on Wednesday. He is just starting to like Agility and play and do things his boss Katie wants him to do. My boss says I am like Tyson and take ages to learn stuff, but that's okay cause Tyson is cool, I like being like Tyson.

There were only 9 dogs in Agility on Wednesday so we had lots of turns and some dogs were really good. The course was an old NALA one from 2001. My boss looked at some of the names of dogs in the book and said that most of them were dead now, except my oldest sister Midge who is 14 and was running in her first courses in those days.

Anyway I had better get some sleep so that I can do really well tomorrow. There are new bunnies at the new dog training park at Paradise Valley and they don't come out and play like the bunnies at the Ngongotaha Rail Park, but I know they are there. I am pretending they aren't but I know they are, if you know what I mean, 'sigh' zzzzzzz

Fae the Fat Fairy.

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