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Sunday, November 18 2018

Training Schedule Dec 2018 / Jan 2019

Dog Training Schedule for December 2018 to January 2019

at Dog Sports Rotorua with Trainer Raewyn Saville.

Saturday Training
9.30 Beginners Control and Obedience. Other more advanced classes follow depending upon demand.
December 2, 8 , 22, 29. (15th is Club Flygility Tournament no training)
January 5, 12, 19, 26.

Tuesday - Club night
Club Time from 4p.m. Fly/Sprints
December 4, 11, 18
January 8, 15, 22, 29

2p.m. Rally O with Pushchairs and Babies.
December 5, 12,
January 9, 16, 23, 30

4p.m. Weaves Clinic and Agility
December 6, 13, 20, 27
January weaves Clinic only 4p.m. 10, 17, 24, 31

5p.m. Obedience
December 7, 21, 28
January 4, 11, 18, 25

General Training by appointment with Raewyn including
stock friendly training - all farm animals and birds (chickens and ducks)
learning to work with stock.
pack walking
teaching dogs to swim.

Good Dog Training Newsletter - November /December 2018

Christmas is coming….

Well the Christmas dekkies are in the Mall so that must mean that once again the crazy season has arrived. It has been a busy year and the Club has gone on growing and doing. The most exciting thing that happened for the club this year is the addition of Rally O to our Club Activities. We have added it in to our monthly Club Competition and are doing the Nala Courses . Most of us are getting a handle on it but it will be nice to have Ann and Liz Proctor back to give us some polish and remind us of what it is that we are supposed to be doing. Agility is going along just great, though we could be excused for thinking it is the Schnauzer club with 4 of them currently in training. More Schnauzers than collies in training. Our Fly Tournament is on the horizon again the 15th and 16th December so we will want all the help we can get for that weekend and would really appreciate some workers throughout the week leading up to the event to set up the grounds. Donations from now of non perishable quality goods for our raffle with 'of course' Christmas in mind. Check the new training schedules for summer and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at training throughout the holiday period.
So a very Happy Festive Season to all our Members and their loyal Doggies, Have Fun, Keep Safe, Smile.
from Raewyn (Trainer) and Debbie (Club Captain) Beckiboo, Fae, Chip, Pansy, Sophie and Benni.

Well we didn't get many newsletters out this last year but I hope for a New Years Resolution on the subject. I am lucky with the work I do with dogs. Most people who work with dogs in New Zealand are working with strays and waifs at Rescue agencies or the Local Pound. With the small exception of those working training dogs as pest controls, contraband finders and companion animals for the blind or disabled which is very positive, the work I do helps people and families adjust their lives to having a new pet in their household and helps dogs to enjoy their new quality of life.

A lot of people think that you enrol your dog at the local dog club and do a crash 8 week course and all will be sweet and loving. Nobody bothers to tell the new owners that 8 weeks is not gonna do it. To be fair most clubs offer an extension into Canine Good Citizen or Competition Rally O and Obedience, but most dog owners don't take up the offer.

Most of the people who end up at our club start out as private referrals to me. From the outset I tell people that 12 months is a good goal time to train their dog. That the reason I do this work at all is that I want dogs to have an opportunity to realise their potential and be able to use their brain. A dog's brain is almost the same size as ours in relation to body size. Dog's are capable of storing and recalling hundreds of bits of information. To relegate this intelligent creature to a lazy existence is just absolutely sinful so far as I am concerned. In any case if you do just leave the dog to rot in the back yard their frustration levels get so high they self mutilate, dig huge holes, chew their kennel down. If we were left in the same unstimulated environment we would do the same. Then there is the other alternative

One of my neighbors is very conscientious about cycling with their dog. I have no doubt she enjoys it, but with the dog tied to the bike panting it's heart out with stress and exhaustion, she is gonna have an injured dog who is gonna flatten her and the bike fairly soon. Why is cycle exercise so bad? Dogs are geared to 'go , stop' exercising. If you let a dog go on our club grounds, how far does he run. 50 meters then he stops and sniffs, another 20 meters etc. Unless they get a fright when they can go fast in one direction all right. That is called panic flight. If you force a dog to keep running in one direction tied to a cycle or tied to you running, then you are forcing a panic flight response and after a while the fear is so overwhelming that the dog make a bad mistake and chases a car or in the case of running with a tied dog, lurches out and bites someone coming the other way.

Dogs simply do not need this endless supply of exercise. It causes them extreme stress and creates the environment for joint injuries. Take your twelve month old dog for a one hour walk every two days.

The other bit of misinformation about dogs is that the best way to exercise it is to throw a tennis ball in one of those nifty throwers. Now the reason you are using this devise is that throwing the ball over and over gives you tennis elbow from doing the same action hour in hour out over and over day after day. What do you think it gives the poor dog. He drops the ball at your feet you socket it into the device you throw it the same distance he does the same run the same jump the same retrieve the same loopy return run over and over wearing all those exact same vertebrae and elbow and knee joints. Day after day year after year. It might take you three years but you will do permanent damage to your dogs body.

Change it throw three warm up long runs then just bounce the ball for some catches. Then roll the ball along the ground in all directions. The dog will start to try and see if it can guess what you are going to do and so start using his brain and his interaction capabilities. Anything but for goodness sake stop those long continuous ball throws. Frisbee is the same. But fortunately Frisbees for dogs have pretty much injured themselves out of existence. It cost so much to repair the dog's bodies the toy people stopped making the dog Frisbees.

It is similar to those who perceive that their dog needs doggy company and they send him to doggy day care. Yes correct dogs are pack animals. Their pack is a constant. By that I mean they are happiest when they know what the pack consists of and how it works. This is dog pack one. Human ma and pa only dog two cats . In the mornings the whole pack get fed. Pa pack member takes dog for fifteen minute morning run. Back home Ma and Pa pack members leave pack consists of two cats one dog for several hours and then there is the evening program . Dog pack two Human Ma or Pa and dog. Human pack member is home all day then some days they go out without dog, then other days they take dog in the car. There are all sorts of regular and irregular activities and dog gets very used to it and is happy with it's pack.

Dog pack 3 Human pack are away a lot so they take dog to Daycare. Daycare does not have the same dogs in it every time. Dogs are such parochial buggars that the energy spent getting to know a new dog, any new dog or three or four new dogs is mentally distressing. On top of that there will be aggression between dogs at some point, it is the nature of the beast. So if your dog is shaking as you drop him off at daycare it is not anticipation of anything good. It is fear of the unknown and that is the great issue for our family pet. Fear of the unknown creates that flight endorphin again and if it is enclosed by walls and can't get away from the fear, then the distress is immense. The worst possible outcome of stress is dreadful skin conditions and constant hair shedding, accompanied by tearing at the skin and hair.

People often say to me I can't understand why his skin conditions happen he is up to date with his flea treatment, I groom him he has no knots or anything. Then something is stressing your dog. If it is none of the above then the last one is the awful one, it is that your dog has pain. He isn't limping but he isn't that happy either. He isn't as fast off the couch as he used to be and he is only 3 years old. Everyday when you run your hands over your dogs body (and you do don't you) you should know every hump and hollow of that body. If suddenly he grabs your hand when it is in one place or cries suddenly when you touch his foot or gives a warning growl when you are near a particular limb then that dog is in pain. If you know where it is coming from go straight to the vet. Stop all exercise. Put your dog in his kennel or crate. Take him out for toilet and short lead exercise. Get x-rays and along with pain relief and other drug treatments from the vet, go to a very reputable physio, or chiropractor .

Sort all your dog's stresses and your dog will be very happy with his pack no matter what it consists of, as long as it has the same nice things with mental stimulation through games and training and a little bit of quiet gentle walking, then your dog will give you many years of cheap loyal service. However if you end up stressing your dog with some particular activity that causes repeat hyperactivity, then he will be a very expensive pet to own.

The above is what I tell every single person I train. Bores them to tears. It's amazing I manage to make it exciting enough for them to learn dog games. Because if the handlers are not careful they turn the wonderful joyous dog games we teach into competitive combative exercises that stress not just the dog but everyone around them as well. I do find that most dogs have the ability to be 'normal' their handlers , the human part of the pack equation, no normal at all.

Saturday, November 17 2018

Club Corner News: Events - November /December 2018

UPCOMING CLUB EVENTS - November /December

17th November  - Saturday -Dog Sports Open Club Agility Day. $4 to enter. Start time is 11.30am. Weather Permitting.  Club day comprises of 3 components - sprints, agility and rally-o.  No 11am class or Flygility class.   All welcome

24th November – Saturday - NO CLASSES THIS SATURDAY – Club outing to EBOP (Kawerau) Ribbon day, come and have a go or come and watch – it’s a fun day out!

2nd December -   Sunday— NALA -   9.30am for all NALA members to set up course then compete. We require all NALA member to arrive at 9.30am and assist with course set up please as we are only a small group. If wet will be moved to another date.

15-16th December – Saturday – Sunday - Dog Sports Rotorua 2 day Flygility Tournament.  We need everyone to come and help please.

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