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Monday, April 29 2019

Club Corner News: Events - May - June 2019

DSR May – June Calendar


4-5th May – Sat / Sun – DSR are hosting our Flygility tournament. Come along and have a go or volunteer, racing starts 830, registrations open from7.15am

11th May -Saturday- Dog Sports Open Club Agility Day. $4 to enter. Start time is 11.30am. Weather Permitting. No 11am class or Flygility class this day. All welcome

12th May – Sunday — NALA - 11.00am for all NALA members to set up course then compete. We require all NALA member to arrive at 11.00am and assist with course set up please as we are only a small group. If wet will be moved to another date

15th May – Wednesday – Rally-O NALA –set up from 4pm – come early before it gets dark (if wet this will be moved to Friday 24th May)

18th May Saturday - NO SATURDAY CLASSES - Club visit to RDOC Ribbon Trial (see below)

18-19th May Sat / Sun – Ribbon Show at RDOC – Bennetts Rd, Rotorua – Our club will be competing on the Saturday and Sunday so there will be no classes at DSR. Come along and have a go or come and support our club members that will be competing.


9th June -Sunday — NALA - 11.00am for all NALA members to set up course then compete. We require all NALA member to arrive at 11.00am and assist with course set up please as we are only a small group. If wet will be moved to Sunday 23rd June

15th June - Saturday - Dog Sports Open Club Agility Day. $4 to enter. Start time is 11.30am. Weather Permitting. No 11am class or Flygility class this day. All welcome

Saturday, March 9 2019



To Sharon Brosnahan and Gracie, first member from DSR to compete in an Obedience Championship as well as win a 3rd place ribbon in Elementary. Well done team!

Good Dog Training Newsletter - February - March 2019

Training at the Club

The heat of the summer has got to most of us and made training a bit of a chore. We have tried some Friday Obedience sessions at the Reeme Road Reserve in Ngongotaha and have had Tuesday's in the shade of the trees on the other side of the park but still there is the unavoidable need to work in the sun on Thursdays and Saturdays.

To all those brave souls who have trained through this sweaty burning weather. Thank you for your perseverance.

Tuesday night’s Sprints are not possible for the dogs with these temperatures so I decided to turn the time into a motivation and play course. This has been incredibly successful. All the dogs are working so much better for their games and treats when they have to find them in the bucket themselves instead of being handed stuff by us. Improvement in their work is noticeable in Benni Bobbie Pansy Koda Jilly. and Millie. So we will continue along this road until the nights get cooler.

Thursday nights is Deb and I working on our dogs with other members pitching up to get some coaching on the course work we are blitzing. So what happens is that Benni and Pansy's work becomes the work for the night and I coach it as I want it done by our dogs. We are concentrating on Cavaletti and extending the amount of work and concentration our dogs can cope with. We are making sure their jump height work is in place. Congratulations to Megan and Bobbie on progress with their lovely jump style. I am going to be so proud of this team when they are ready to hit the competition circuit. As Megan said recently ' Dog Training is hard work'. That's a fact isn't it? We also do weave work. I have discovered that the hardest thing about getting a new dog and handler team weaving is teaching them a rhythm to work with. Pam and Jack are making progress which is really exciting. Jack is ready to be a Jumpers Dog any time now. Most of our newer dogs are smalls, so poor old Bobbie is the only tall kid in the group and he copes so well. Jumping for the small dogs is so much easier than jumping for the 600s (maxi’s). We had also been learning contacts but most of the issues our new dogs face are really making corners work, listening to their handlers on the courses, call offs and sendaways so this is the work we are increasingly doing.

Friday night starts out as a Control Class works through Obedience in the ring including retrieves and then we finish off with some Rally O. Absolutely super class with a cutie little Papillion called Wolfy who has joined us recently and man has he got style and sass. Dogs and handlers who are improving immensely are Megan and Jilly, Diana and Billy, Blair and little Zag. I would like to see more of us entered in Obedience Shows during this year. It is a super sport to be involved in. Along with Rally O. We also have Anne and Liz Proctor coming to give us a prod next week and check on our Rally O progress.

Saturday is the perennial Control Class at 9.30. A new Play to learn Section from 10.15 till 11a.m. Followed by an extension of Thursday Coaching to reinforce the learning we have been doing. Sometimes we have Ann and Gemma and Bill and Minnie and it is great to see them. Sue with Molly (with the new haircut) and Floyd sometimes join us too. It is an open class and everyone is welcome to have a go.

If the weather is not too hot and everyone has enough oomph left we do some Flygility about 12 noon. At 1p.m. I do assessments of new dogs. We have huge enquiries at the moment and need to integrate 8 new dogs to classes where they will succeed. This week I am assessing a fast Jack Russell and a lovely gentle 4 month old German Shepherd pup that I have visited at home. He is just delightful.

I am pleased with the quality of the dogs and the determination of their handlers. Keep up the good work and enjoy the new experiences your dog is bringing you.

Raewyn Saville Trainer

Building a better club

Dog Sports Rotorua needs to make itself into a secure Dog Training and Social Club that welcomes anyone who has an interest in dogs in any capacity. We are going to end up in a situation soon where we have a shed full of gear, 7 day availability to use it or use the grounds for training and nobody actually taking advantage of the opportunity.

For the last ten years I have run the Agility Classes, the Beginner behavior classes and the Obedience Classes and as I have browbeaten everyone with over a long period, the day must come when I cannot do that anymore.

I would dearly love club members to come forward and offer to be the coordinator of an area of Dog Training that they really enjoy. We have a Sprints division, a Flygility Group, an Agility Group, an Obedience Group and a Rally O group. I have also said before that the coordinator does not need to be an Instructor, nor do they need to be an expert at that Sport. All they need are organisational skills to set up times for those interested in doing more of the dog sport they are keen on and progressing that sport within the club. Setting goals for achievement within the Club and in National Competition. Making sure that incentive Trophies etc are available for their group

Last year we were turned down by Dogs NZ to be a Recognised Group. We have never been told why. We have never even been given the opportunity to answer any questions the National Body may have about our group. Several senior Agility Members have suggested that DogsNZ have no right to deny us Recognition as a Legitimate Dog Training Group who have now been in operation nearly 15 years 12 of which as an Incorporated Society.

However, some Senior Dogs NZ members have also suggested that not being tied to DogsNZ might be more of a blessing than a curse. From my own experience that is in fact true. For example we don't have to give up any of our hard earned fundraising to Dogs NZ each year simply to say we belong to them and we do not have the Agility and Obedience Committees leaning on us to run expensive shows which they take a cut of, and in the case of Obedience by the time ribbons are purchased it runs at a loss, which has to be made up somewhere else. The pressures that come with the territory are quite extreme and result in it being difficult to get people to volunteer onto the Committee as the workload becomes a burden. It has long been a fact that the Agility Division of DogsNZ carries the Breed Shows and the Obedience financially and has only a small amount of influence within the Organisation.

Dog Sports has never had a problem maintaining a hard working Committee. We have also never had a problem getting our members to volunteer to fund raise or do any of the regular Club tasks.

We are affiliated to The New Zealand Flygility Dog Association, which is a small sport without huge demands placed on its members. It is also very reasonable to belong to for our members and it is cheap to run Tournaments, just $10 per day to the Association.

Which brings us to the funding of our Club. Since the day the Club was formed the Subscription for the year has been $30. We have reduced the Membership fee to $20 for those who need to join another Club in order to be DogsNZ members. We have an Executive Membership for people who have been in the Club for a period of time and after approval by the Committee pay $180 and receive a key to the Gear Shed so they can train whenever they want. I happily pay an Executive Membership and with the approval of the Committee I hold ‘private’ lessons on the grounds. These private lessons bring in the new members that the Club needs in order to maintain the steady growth it has enjoyed for a long time now.

I am also a Life Member. Life Members don't normally pay subscriptions. It is a recognition of the input that people have to the Club which has been above the call of duty. It is an honor to be a Life Member. We currently have three. Myself, Chris Hutchings and Bill Brislen. Last year we lost two life members (just as an aside) Caroline Mear and Nick Milsum.

I really believe that at the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Club we investigate the need to change our membership criteria and take a close look at our subscription system. I also believe we should have a tiered system which recognises what people within the club have achieved. Should the Executive, Club Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary, Treasurer pay subs. They are donating their time and making a major contribution, without which we would not meet the criteria of the Incorporated Societies Act.

As a starting point I would say that the longer you are a member and the more official involvement you have with the Club, the less subs you pay. Now that's an innovative thought isn't it? The people who benefit from those doing the organising are the new people coming in from the bottom. To me they need to be paying more for an Open Membership enabling them to access training in any of our groups.

Bearing in mind they are no longer going to be paying training fees to me. Let's assume that the new people stay with us for a year and they are currently paying $2 (rent) per class to the club and $5 per class to me and let’s assume they come twice a week. It is costing them $14 per week for say 40 weeks of the year plus a subscription of $30. That is a total of $590 per annum. So there is no way you can say that people can't afford it because they are already paying it. So what if the annual subscription for new people for unlimited access to training groups, was $300. Then 10 of those memberships pays our rent for the year. Wow, who is gonna pay that sort of money, so maybe we need to make it kinder and do a monthly fee of $40.00 which when taken to twelve months costs $480. Or some other kind of fee system which obviously makes it advantageous to pay the $300.00. Maybe year 2 is a 5% saving and year 3 10% saving or something that works along those lines.

I believe if we are careful and maximise our marketing and collect the right sorts of people the Club can flourish in a very much more exciting way than the models we have to look at are those run by DogsNZ which seem for the greatest part to self destruct.

I for one am absolutely fed up with training people with beautiful dogs for two weeks and they disappear. Or worse they come for six months and are making huge progress and then you never see them again. We don't want those kind of dog trainers. We need the people who want to turn their dog training into a hobby that gives their dog a great quality of life, has good social outcomes for the handler and gives opportunity for its members to upskill and become educated around their Dog Handling.

The above would be my ideal club to belong to. I hope to belong to Dog Sports for the rest of my days which are growing increasingly less as the years roll by.

All current subs must be paid up by the 31st March. Nothing can change the way those subs operate right now. Any decision making around this subject which is minuted at the AGM would take affect the following 31st March due date.

I know this is the boring down side of Club Life, but I truly believe we have an opportunity to revolutionise the way we run Dog Sports and make it into a very desirable Club to belong to.


Raewyn Saville Club Trainer.

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